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Meatball Parmesan with Cheesy Broccoli Cauli rice

Macros (675cal/57.6g fat/7.8g net carbs/47.8g protein)

Temporarily unavailable

Beef Roast with Chimichurri Broccoli

Macros (701cal/45g fat/7.8g net carbs/40g protein)


Hawaiian Pizza

Canadian bacon roasted red pepper pineapple flavored cream sauce 438 calories 33g fat 5.2g net carbs 25g protein *all macros are approximate


Cheesy Chicken Casserole

881 calories 71.3g fat 9.5g net carbs 50g protein *all macros are approximate


Empanada with Spanish Cauli rice

Macros (501cal/38.6g fat/8g net carbs/27g protein)


Keto McRib sandwich

(776cal/57g fat/7.5g net carbs/46g protein)

Pulled pork mac & cheese

221 calories 15g fat 7g net carbs 14g protein *all macros are approximate

Temporarily unavailable

Spinach Feta Calzone

724 calories 60.3g fat 9.5g net carbs 34g protein *all macros are approximate

Baked Spaghetti Casserole

526 calories 42.2g fat 6.5g net carbs 26.9g protein *all macros are approximate

Breakfast Pizza Slice

(333.6cal/28.4g fat/3.5g net carbs/19g prot)

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Orders will be shipped within 4-7 business days depending on when order is made.

Meals are shipped frozen and should be put into the freezer immediately.

ALLERGY WARNING: Our products are made in a facility that uses nut-based ingredients.

There is a packaging fee added to each bundle.

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